LED Light TherapyAdd-on or Stand Alone – $45

Light Emitting Diodes were discovered by NASA and used to help with the healing response in space and to improve on ATP adenosine tri-phosphate which is the energy with in a cell. An LED treatment feels fabulous its warm, relaxing, non-invasive and lasts about 30 min to absorb the effects in your skin and body.

Boost fibroblast to stimulate collagen production and plump the skin helping with fine lines, wrinkles or
even sun damage. Best when done in a series of treatment with 3 per week over 4 weeks

Mostly used for Acne and Healing of Post Inflammatory and killing of the P. acne virus and reducing
sebum or assisting with sebaceous filament in the skin.

Cell Regeneration never looked so good, improving micro circulation and oxygen rich blood for the
healing response, the improvement in bruising quicker and easing deep tissue discomfort