Dermaplaning is a precise physical scraping of the skin with a sterilized 10R Surgical blade (not a scalpul) removing excessive keratinized skin cell along with fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). No the hair does not grow back darker thicker or turn into a terminal hair. Not to be confused with dermabrasion which is far more invasive.  This acts as a preparation for the use of either progressively layered Enzymes, AHA, BHA, Peels or even Microneedling.  Allowing active ingredients like serums and other home care regime to penetrate more efficiently and deeper into the dermis. This process provides you with a visibly instant glow, smoothness and a brighter more refreshed epidermis.

You just can’t imagine the results just after one treatment. An excellent choice for those who are pregnant or nursing as there is no worry of actives penetrating the blood stream. Mature skins love this process as their cellular turn over has slowed down and the skin can appear thicker, lined or have some orange peel appearance and this physical exfoliation triggers the cell regeneration process. Treatment recommendation can be performed once a month if you choose.

DERMAPLANING ONLY (1 hr ): $95.00