How will your skin look in 20, 30, 50+ years?…

Aesthetic Skin Treatments

Get savvy about the only face you will ever have.

At C’Shell, we want you to get your best skin NOW and in the future.

Your skin has excellent memory so the way you treat it when you are young will definitely show 10 years from now.

Let’s take your professional treatment a step further than traditional facials by adding Iontophorous, High Frequency, Lymphatic Drainage to start.  We can add on IPL, Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion and correct your aging concerns.

C’Shell will provide a custom consultation to determine the treatment your skin needs today.

A consultation and analysis is done on every treatment.

Custom Blended Skin Treatments (therapeutic facials) 1.5 hours $99
Micro-Zone Treatments (quick-fix treatment)  30 min $45
Fundamental Treatments (maintenance) 60-75 min $90-$110
Optimal Treatments 75-90 min $99-$145
Dr. Renaud Treatments 75-90 min $99-$140
Alumier MD Enzyme Peels 75-90 min $99+
Alumier MD Chemical Peels 75-90 min $120+

Custom Blended Clinical Skin Treatments


At the time of your initial treatment we will complete an extensive skin analysis and consultation to perform the best options within that category for you & your skin, using  Allumier MD (chemical peels), Dermaroller, Microdermabrasion, IPL Laser, Radio High Frequency, Iontophoresis, High Frequency, Lymphatic Drainage.

Optimal Treatments

These are targeting multiple concerns with high concentrations of active ingredients, some even see visible results after just one treatment, but a series is generally recommended for lasting results.


Your skin is made up of 75% water. Cells that do not lack water show a greater resistance to aging and are less sensitive to different environmental and climate stresses.


Sensitive – reactive – irritated. This service is excellent combined with IPL for vascular correction. A series is a must.

Radiance White

Optimizing vitamin C, evening out the complexion, lightens skin damage and hyper-pigmentation. Excellent for maintenance or mottled skin concerns.

Pure Anti-Aging

A great alternative to invasive and aggressive cosmetic procedures. Works well on its own but when added to Botox or Juvederm (also available at C’Shell), can help lengthen the results.

Ultra Collagen Veil Face & Eye Treatment

Leaves skin supple, soft and younger looking. Ultra moisturizing Collagen Veil with Hydraulic Acid is great pre- and post-cosmetic surgery or peels, promoting faster heeling.

Fundamental Treatments (Maintenance)

Over time your skin’s ability to regenerate slows down, leading to a build up of dead skin, clogged pores and overall full complexion. Our treatment will keep your skin at its best. Best when performed 4x year or customized for your seasonal changes. Acne treatments evaluated upon arrival.

Custom Blended Skin Care sets us apart. If we aren’t getting results, we’ll find something that will.

Whether treating:
Normal Skin
Dry/Oily Skin
Dehydrated Skin
Acne or Combination….
Even if you’re dealing with issues such as skin tags, keratosis, cherry angiomas, broken blood vessels and more, C’Shell may be just what you’re looking for!

**Botox / Juvederm available with Monica. Call for inquiries.