Shelley Daulby-Watters, Clinical Aesthetician since 1985

Hi, I’m Shelley, your Clinical Aesthetician and Owner at C’Shell Advanced Med-Aesthetics in Port Dover, Ontario. 

I am considered a true veteran in the Clinical Aesthetics Industry having graduated over 36 years ago in 1985!  Yes, I was right out of high school, yet even then I knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry. I graduated with honors from Gina’s School of Esthetics and Electrolysis in Toronto, Ontario. After graduating, I worked in the field of Esthetics for 10 years, doing sales and education for a few elite companies.  Then I decided to open my own business, so in 1995 C’Shell was born and I couldn’t be happier!   I have been looking after and servicing clients in the Norfolk area for 26 years and still have some of those same clients with me today.  I enjoy learning and continue to take advanced training in this dynamic industry as it is continually evolving and improving. The ingredients and technology have really expanded over the years, opening up a wide variety of advanced treatment protocols allowing C’Shell to grow right along with the industry and create wonderful service.  My choice to keep it private and personal as a sole entrepreneur, has been something of a wise choice and I’m still glad I kept it all about my clients.

With the love of the outdoors and desire to challenge ourselves, my husband Tim and I have conquered a couple half marathons, Tough Mudders, hiking to the base of the Grand Canyon to Phantom Ranch and with Covid, we started kayaking.  I even took up flying a little plane in Muskoka, (well once anyway).  Then in the evening, I like to shed the grit and mud for diamonds and 6-inch heels to enjoy the finer side of life!

I think I may be an old soul as I have a passion for visiting vintage markets looking for antiques with character to add to our home.  Learning the fun stories behind the pieces, keeps the history going in our home.  Today, Tim and our girls Taylor and Isabella, live in a stunning historic home built by Tim’s great-great grandfather in 1919.  This allows me to blend my career with the commitment of caring for Tim’s aging mother in a place of love and comfort, all the while looking after my fabulous clients in a separate part of our home.

Reflecting on my career as a Clinical Aesthetician, C’Shell has been a passion. Loving how the skin changes over the years from being full of collagen, to fast- forward into your 60’s and 70’s.  A woman’s skin tells her life story, of a life lived and how delicate skin can be and the tenderness it now deserves.  C’Shell provides a discreet and comfortable atmosphere; as is evident since many of my clients have become like family over the years.  My love of the past, my hunger for improvement and my appreciation for luxury provide the perfect combination for outstanding service.  Combining what has worked for years with the technology of the future to create the perfect mix in caring for an aging community or taking services with the latest technology trends for the newest generation, I can do it all!

Come for a visit to get professional expert advice and let’s book an experience to take care of you!

You can take me out of the clinic, but you’ll never take the clinic out of me. My clients are my passion.